About Us

Our Company History

Founded with the belief that tattoos should be a blend of fun,

affordability, and commitment-free expression.

Snapinkz has revolutionized the world of body art.

Over the 5 months, we've grown into a trusted name in the temporary tattoo industry.

Focusing on designs that inspire and motivate individuals to showcase their unique style.

What We Do

Snapinkz provides premium instant tattoos that cater to all moods, personalities, and occasions.

Whether you're looking to make a statement for just a day or up to three days, we've got you covered.

Our tattoos are not just about designs, but about providing a

medium for self-expression that's painless, high-quality, and


Customer Satisfaction

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do.

From helping them select a design that best represents their persona to ensuring the application process is

seamless, we go the extra mile.

With Snapinkz, customers can trustin the safety and quality of theproducts, as well as the affordability

and value for money.

Big Deals

We're proud to have rolled out numerous promotional campaigns that provide value to our customers. Our limited-time offers, such as the opportunity to get up to 50% off our packages, have consistently drawn enthusiasm and interest from a wide range of clientele.

Our Tattoo Process


Digital Selection

Clients effortlessly pick their desired tattoo design via our mobile interface.



We prioritize the longevity and clarity of our tattoos. Before application, we meticulously clean the client's skin with alcohol, ensuring factors like sweat won't hinder the tattoo's appearance.



With cutting-edge technology, our instant tattoo device prints the chosen design onto the skin, delivering a vibrant and detailed temporary tattoo.

Our Success Partners

Safety Guidelines

1. we place utmost importance on individual health.

If you have known skin allergies, we urge you to inform us prior to any tattoo application. Due to potential reactions, those with certain skin allergies may not be eligible for our tattoo application. Yourwell-being is our priority, and transparent communication aids us in ensuring a safe experience for everyone.

2. Safety is paramount at Snapinkz. Our tattoos are skin-safe, suitable for all skin types, and made with the utmost care. Before application, we ensure the client's skin is properly prepped and free from contaminants. Our high-quality non-toxic tattoosoffer a painless experience, giving clients peace of mind while they enjoy their temporary body art.

Terms and Conditions

All interactions with Snapinkz, from website usage to product application, are guided by a comprehensive set of terms and conditions.

These are crafted keeping in mind the best interests of our clients, ensuring transparency and trust in every deal.

Clients are encouraged to familiarize themselves with these terms for a smoother experience.

Snapinkz is a leader in premium temporary tattoos and offers an attractive and reasonably priced means of self-expression. Our high-quality, skin-safe, and easy-to-apply tattoos provide the freedom to change your style as often as you like. Come celebrate expression and style with us. On your terms, get inked. Snapinkz is a place where skin meets creativity.

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